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HUMIVI-K POWER+ (Humic+Fulvic+Potassium) - 500 g

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Humivi-K Power

Humivi-K Power is a water-soluble plant growth promoter, which is specially manufactured for sandy / loamy soils, acts as a soil conditioner.

Humivi-K Power, a plant growth promoter enhances the microbial activity in the soil, due to which the plant stays healthy.

Soil treatment: - Use Humivi-K Power in soil @ 500 to 1000 grams per acre or mix it along with other fertilizers and apply.

Spray: - Mix Humivi-K Power @ 1 gram per litre of water and spray it on the crop.

Drip: - Use Humivi-K Power @ 1 gram per litre of water through the drip.


  1. It increases the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.
  2. It helps in soil moisture retention.
  3. It increases the quality of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  4. It increases the immunity of the plants.
  5. It strengthens the roots of the plant.
  6. It maintains soil fertility and the organic matter in the soil.
  7. It fulfils the micronutrient deficiency and gives resistance to diseases.

Composition: HUMIC: 75% - 85% I FULVIC: 5% - 10% I POTASSIUM: 3% - 5% I Other: 0% -5%

Manufactured and packed by: Universal Industries.

Marketed by: IFFCO eBazar Limited.

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