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Potassium Sulphate (0-0-50) - 1 Kg


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Potassium Sulphate (0-0-50) - 1 Kg

Brand Name – Potassium Sulphate (0-0-50)

Total Potash (as K2O) % by weight minimum  - 50

Moisture %by weight maximum   - 0.5

Packing size – 1Kg

Product quality:
• Chloride ion (Cl-) free.
• Nitrogen free.
• Low salt concentration.
• It can be use with other fertilizer in general quantity except calcium fertilizer.
• Valid and farmers affordable price.

• Useful for all crop.
• Increase production, quality, nutritious value, resistance capacity and storage of the crop.
• Best for greenhouse and conservative farming.
• Use as foliar spray and fertigation.

Uses and doses:
• It can be use by drip irrigation and foliar spray.
• Prepare 0.5% - 1% concentration solution and spray before flowering and during pod formation at 15 days interval in 1-2 times.
• 1.5 to 2 Kg is required for 1 acre area in one time spray.
• In drip irrigation use accordingly demand of crop.

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