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Protect + (Neem Based Plant Protection) - 5 Kg


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Protect + (Neem Based Plant Protection) – 5 Kg

Protect + is an organic plant protectant, providing resistance from all sorts of soil-based pathogens like nematodes and fungus. It is a tailor-made blend of Neem, Compost and Bio-Active agents for natural plant protection. It also acts as a natural soil conditioner and contains organic nutrients for the plants.


  • Neem cake, seaweed, beneficial microbes & additves.

Directions for Use:

  • For potted plants, take 75 grams of protect plus per 3 kg soil
  • Sprinkle and mix with the topsoil
  • Use 25-40 gram of protect plus after every 10-12 days


  • Natural protection from pests and diseases
  • Builds plant immunity
  • Slow release of essential nutrients
  • Help in systemic release of essential nutrients
  • Provides resistance from abiotic and biotic stress
  • Safe for earthworms, bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms
  • Ideal for use in the kitchen garden, house plants and all types of plants


  • Keep it in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Presence of beneficial microbes may cause the packet to inflate, pierce with pin and use after 24 hours

Manufactured and packed by: Aquagri Processing Pvt. Ltd. (Joint Venture of IFFCO eBazar Ltd.)

Marketed by: Aquagri Greentech Pvt. Ltd.

Sold by: IFFCO eBazar Ltd.

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