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TRICHO POWER + (Trichoderma viride 1% WP) - 1KG

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Trichoderma is a very effective biological mean for plant disease management especially the soil-borne. It is a free-living fungus which is common in soil and root ecosystems. It is highly interactive with the roots, soil and foliar environments. It reduces growth, survival or infections caused by pathogens by different mechanisms like competition, antibiosis, mycoparasitism, hyphal interactions, and enzyme secretion.

Method of application:

  1. Seed treatment: Mix 6 - 10 g of Trichoderma powder per Kg of seed before sowing.
  2. Nursery treatment: Apply 10 - 25 g of Trichoderma powder per 100 m2 of nursery bed. Application of neem cake and FYM before treatment increases the efficacy.
  3. Cuttings and seedling root dip: Mix 10g of Trichoderma powder along with 100g of well rotten FYM per litre of water and dip the cuttings and seedlings for 10 minutes before planting.
  4. Soil treatment:
  5. Apply 5 Kg of Trichoderma powder per hectare after incorporation of sun hemp or dhaincha into the soil for green manuring. Or
  6. Mix 1kg of Trichoderma formulation in 100 kg of farmyard manure and cover it for 7 days with polythene. Sprinkle the heap with water intermittently. Turn the mixture in every 3-4 days interval and then broadcast in the field.
  7. Plant Treatment: Drench the soil near stem region with 10g Trichoderma powder mixed in a litre of water.


Trichoderma: A bio-control agent for the management of soil borne diseases

  1. Disease Control: Trichoderma is a potent biocontrol agent and used extensively for soil-borne diseases. It has been used successfully against pathogenic fungi belonging to various genera, viz. Fusarium, Phytophthora, Sclerotia etc.
  2. Plant Growth Promoter: Trichoderma strains solubilize phosphates and micronutrients. The application of Trichoderma strains with plants increases the number of deep roots, thereby increasing the plant's ability to resist drought.
  3. Biochemical Elicitors of Disease: Trichoderma strains are known to induce resistance in plants. Three classes of compounds that are produced by Trichoderma and induce resistance in plants are now known. These compounds induce ethylene production, hypersensitive responses and other defence-related reactions in plant cultivars.
  4. Bioremediation: Trichoderma strains play an important role in the bioremediation of soil that are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. They have the ability to degrade a wide range of insecticides: organochlorines, organophosphates and carbonates.

Chemical composition




(Spores and mycelia)

1.0% w/w

CFU calculation


2X107 grams (minimum)


Carboxy Methyl Cellulose


0.5% w/w

Carrier (Talc powder)


98.5% weight



100.00% w/w

The pesticide has a shelf life of 12 months.

Manufacture and packed by: Shri Ram Solvent Extractions PVT. LTD.

Marketed by: IFFCO eBazar Limited.

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