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  • Oil seeds
    Sukhi Nimboli
    Ad ID: IFFCO83
    Sukhi Nimboli

    Added On: Date 25/04/2017 Time 12:32:48

    Quantity: 3500000 Kilo Grams

    Price : 15 / Kilo Gram

    Product Description: CORDET, a wholly owned subsidiary of IFFCO, wants to purchase 3500 MT of good quality Neem seeds. Farmers or individuals can sell the Neem seed at the rate Rs.15 at their nearest office of IFFCO or at nearest IFFCO Bazar Outlet. Traders, who wish to supply the neem seed in bulk quantity may contact Mr.RPS Yadav, Mobile number 8130481919.

    Product Location: Ghiyanagar, Allahabad, UP

    State: Uttar Pradesh

    Buyer contact detail
    Cooperative Rural Development Trust (CORDET) (Active on site since 30 days 9 month 0 years ) User Ads
    Safety tips for buyers and Sellers
    • Check product availability before you buy
    • Make payment after collecting items from seller
    • Contact seller for complete information
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